Safety Commitment

General Statements of Policy


  • Work safely in a manner to ensure one’s own safety as well as that of coworkers and others.
  • Provide fellow employees help with safety requirements.
  • Request help when unsure about how to perform any task safely.
  • Correct unsafe acts or conditions within the scope of the immediate work.
  • Report any uncorrected unsafe acts or conditions to the appropriate supervisor.
  • Report for work in good mental and physical condition to safely carry out assigned duties.
  • Attend and participate in Company and industry sponsored safety programs.
  • Use and maintain all safety devices provided.
  • Keep all work areas clean and free of debris.
  • Maintain and properly use all equipment and machinery under ones control.



  • No employee shall be required or knowingly allowed to work in an unsafe environment, except for the purpose of making safety corrections, and then only after proper precautions have been taken for his or her protection.
  • Each employee is responsible for learning and abiding by those rules and regulations which are applicable to his or her work, and for reporting observed or anticipated hazards to his or her immediate supervisor.



  • Over 20 MSHA (Mining Safety and Health Administration) certified employees onsite in copper mines, pot ash mines, and on construction projects every week