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Environmental Sustainability

Copper State Bolt & Nut Co. supports the emerging trend towards environmentally conscious operations, facilities, and practices. Indeed Copper State is attempting in every way to ensure that we utilize "green" materials or processes where practical within our operation and that we adopt practices within all of our facilities aimed at minimizing our impact on the environment. We recognize environmental sustainability as a responsibility we have as an organization to our employees, to our community, to future generations, and to our financial stability.


We have structured our program along the criteria of LEED certification.  This enables us to capture the LEED credits that may be applied to our own existing sites or new facilities, but also to assist our customers and suppliers that may also be seeking LEED oriented partners.  The program is thus aimed at addressing opportunities in the following areas of our operation:


        • Sustainable Sites & Transportation Solutions
        • Water Efficiency
        • Energy & Atmosphere
        • Materials & Resources
        • Indoor Environmental Quality
        • Innovation in operations

Our program is dynamic and ever-changing, adapting to new ideas, new solutions, and customer/supplier requirements.  Throughout our entire organization we continue to work within our entire community to ensure stable and sustainable operations.