Fluid Sealing / Waterworks

Our gaskets are the real deal for anything you need to seal!


Copper State has supported the waterworks industry by providing specialty fluid sealing products and services for two decades. We carry a broad inventory to meet your fluid sealing requirements. We stock an assortment of sealing products, studs, bolts, gaskets, flange kits, gasket materials, and gasket cutting services.


Some of our unique gasket cutting options and services include die and hand cut, flange isolation kits, and standard ANSI 150# and 300# ring and full faced gaskets. Additionally, we have custom gasket fabrication available from a broad spectrum of raw materials.


We specially tag and label our orders to make them easy to assemble in the field. We can identify products to match a specific job, repair, or construction sequence to ensure the right kit for each phase of the project.


In addition to our standard and custom fluid sealing fabrication services, we supply other specialties such as boiler gaskets, expansion gaskets, full sheets of material, mechanical seals, o-rings, pump and valve packing, rubber stripping, sheet rubber, and silicone sealants. We source alternative platings and coatings on fasteners to meet even the most corrosive environmental requirements.


Copper State proudly supports contractors in civil engineering, piping, water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities, mining, and oil & gas with projects of all types and sizes.


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