Energy Production

Copper State has supported the renewable energy sector for more than a decade, through specialty high-quality fasteners, site support, and supply chain integration to power generation, wind, solar, and nuclear energy production facilities. Our superior products and unique services facilitate support for multiple aspects of the renewable energy sector

Engineering Support:
We have quality lab facilities in the U.S. and Asia to ensure our products meet your specified needs. We offer specialty fasteners and design support with our large diameter product manufacturing capabilities. We provide specification options and alternatives, along with lot control for engineering and inspection support.


Construction Support:
We encourage lean processes in the field with pallet sequencing and site logistics. We also supply lot control maps and material certifications for inspection ease. Our specialized box, pallet, and master labels allow for easy product identification. If you need an abundance of products, but have minimal space, our just-in-time shipments will match your construction schedules.

Procurement Support:
Copper State supports thousands of projects throughout the U.S. and worldwide with global sourcing initiatives, manufacturer relationships, reliable blanket orders, and stocking agreements. We provide overseas warehousing capabilities and vendor managed inventory (VMI), both inplant and on-site. We even have custom kitting and assembly services available.

Rack Support (Fixed & Tracker):
We provide end-to-end support of the solar supply chain by offering valued services that are guaranteed to reduce labor costs. Some of our services include pre-assembly of fasteners and racking components, fastener insertion, and installation solutions to minimize cost per watt.


Copper State recognizes environmental sustainability as an organizational responsibility and supports the ongoing trend towards environmentally conscious operations, facilities, and practices.


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