Feb 03, 2015

While running your business, you need to have the most dependable tools and equipment. Mining is not something just anyone is able to do, and the same holds true with your equipment. Mining products need to be designed to last and to function in difficult conditions. When it comes to locating the best parts and equipment for your company's work, Copper State Bolt & Nut Co. has all of the tools and hardware you need to get the job done. From fasteners to power tools and industrial supplies, you can tackle all of your small tool needs right here. 

Mining Products

Most of the mining products you need can be found directly through the Copper State website. Under the Construction and Industrial Supplies segment, you can find compressors, cutting tools, drill bits and just about anything else your company might need. If you know exactly what you need, you can simply type it into the product search bar, but if you just want to look over what all is available, there are different mining products you can select from and have the equipment either directly shipped to your facility or picked up by someone else.


Copper State offers a series of mining products and services on top of the general hand tools. The company currently works with mining properties throughout Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Wyoming, with the ability to travel and assist more businesses and industries, should it prove necessary. Some of the service mining products include grade 2, 5 and 8 Hex Bolts and Cap secrets, linear bolts and plow bolts, as well as safety supplies and equipment. You need to remain safe wherever your company is located.

If your company needs any sort of mining assistance, Copper State can provide employees who are MSHA-certified with some holding certifications for underground mining. Should you run into any kind of problem with your mining products, Copper State offers tool repair services. When you find a piece of equipment you and your company likes, you don't want to go out and replace it. Once it's worked in and can do your job, there really is nothing like it. That is why you need to bring in the equipment into Copper State and take advantage of the tool repair.

It does not matter if you purchased the tools initially from Copper State, the company is an authorized warranty service center for nearly a dozen different tool manufacturers, such as DeWalt, Champion and Milwaukee to Makita, Huck and Norton. All you need to do is drop off tools at any of the Copper State locations and pick up the equipment when repairs are finished. Copper State makes sure all your equipment works properly from the ground up, replacing the necessary parts and assembling it back together so it works like it did when it was new. 

In the mining business, you need to have access to the best mining equipment and services possible. You can aid your company by taking advantage of the different services, products and tool repair a company such as Copper State Bolt & Nut Co. can do for your business. 

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