May 06, 2014

There are many uses for rods & studs as they are some of the most versatile building fasteners available. While there are an unlimited number of applications available when utilizing a stud or rod, here are a few of the most popular uses:

  • Rods or studs can be used to easily join wood or metal together. A stud can be treated as a pin in order to securely attach the two materials.
  • A rod can be placed into wood or concrete while being repaired in order to stabilize the structure.
  • Metalworkers and welders can use studs and rods as part of their craft when creating consumer goods or furniture.
  • A threaded rod can be used to hang sheet metal ducts and other equipment inside of a building. With one side of the rod properly secured to the ceiling, the other end can be manipulated to easily hang duct work, lighting, or other parts of a mechanical infrastructure.
  • Studs can be used in automobile applications to securely attach parts of an engine.

When searching for materials at your favorite nut and bolt supply shop, there are many details to recognize as you select your rods & studs. Rods are available for purchase with many different types of threading. For hefty projects, a coarse threading is ideal, while finer threads are typically reserved for small-scale jobs. Another consideration when purchasing your rod or stud, is to decide which material is best for your project. While steel and aluminum rods tend to be the most common, stainless steel is an excellent, non-corrosive option if you are planning an outdoor build. While rods can be shortened using a saw or grinder, it will save you a great deal of time and energy when you purchase the right length for your project right off the bat.

Studs and rods offer a great deal of versatility to any project. When looking for a strong and reliable fastener for your next construction undertaking, consider implementing a rod to create a sturdy final product. Call (800) 603-6887 today to learn more about the affordable quality rods & studs available at Copper State. 

Category: Fasteners