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Uses for Tape Measures and Gauges in Construction

An old adage says to measure twice, cut once—and when you’re working on a construction project, taking good measurements is absolutely critical. When building or remodeling something, it is important to use tools like a tape measures to ensure that you have an accurate idea of 

Measuring Tapes

Accuracy is critical when it comes to most projects. You need to measure the lengths and widths of large pieces of lumber and other building supplies to ensure that everything will fit together well when it is constructed. You also need to measure carefully before making cuts or other permanent changes. This allows you to ensure that you have the right measurements and positions the first time. Using a quality tape measure will help you increase your accuracy, fit your work together better, and make the final product firm and solid.

Thread Gauge

Gauges are another important measuring tool to have on hand at a construction site. When working with screws, bolts and other fasteners, having a good idea of what the thread looks like is essential, as it can then be easily categorized and used for the right purpose. A thread pitch gauge is used to measure the thread so that you can easily categorize your fasteners.

Accurate measurements are very important in construction. Getting the right measuring tools, like a tape measure, is one of the best ways to get the job done correctly. Call (800) 603-6887 today for more information about tape measures available at Copper State.