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Structural Bolts

There are a few different options to choose from when selecting the right structural bolts, and it is critical that you choose the correct bolt for your needs. The bolts serve two main purposes.


  1. Connecting
    The bolts are primarily used as connectors to connect certain parts of a product to others. The bolts usually correspond with certain nuts to help preserve and stabilize the bolts. Structural bolts have three primary joint types:
    • Slip critical joints
    • Pre-tensioned joints
    • Snug tightened joints
    • The type of connection needed determines the type of joint that is used

  2. Securing
    Along with connecting different parts to structures, these bolts also help to secure the parts in place to ensure that they create a safe environment. To properly secure a part of a structure with the bolts, it is important to note how “snug” or tight the fit needs to be. Screwing the bolt in too much or too little could both have negative effects.

Structural bolts are an important and necessary part of building a sustainable infrastructure. The bolts serve both the purpose of connecting and securing parts in place. Bolts play a major part in stabilizing structures and therefore should not be installed lackadaisically. Call (800) 603-6887 today for more information about structural bolts available at Copper State.