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All About Socket Head Cap Screws

A screw is a small tool that is designed to fasten two different materials together in order to provide support to a larger structure. Some screws are designed to fasten to complementary nuts via threads that are designed to fit together and secure the screw and nut together. Other screws are designed to secure directly to the object they are inserted into by cutting grooves directly into the soft material of the object that is being secured in place. Almost all screws are designed with a head on one end, which is typically flattened and allows for the screw to be physically turned and tightened. Some of the most demanding and high-heat mechanical projects require special screws called socket head cap screws.

What Is a Socket Head Cap Screw?

A socket head cap screw serves the same general purpose as a regular screw, but it is shaped differently and is designed specifically for very demanding applications. This type of screw has a hexagonal drive hole and a cylindrical head. It is a tension fastener of high strength that is often used in clamping assemblies and is designed to be very durable and reliable.

Special Considerations

For projects that reach very high temperatures (in excess of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit), special alloy socket head cap screws are available.

Socket screws are the ideal solution for demanding, high-heat projects that require something sturdier and more specific than regular screws and nuts. Call (800) 603-6887 today for more information about socket head cap screws available at Copper State.