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How to Use Hollow Wall Anchors

So you've discovered that you need to hang something on your wall, but you are unsure about the stability of the wall and the weight of the picture or decoration you are hanging. Normally, to hang something on your wall you need to locate a stud to make sure it will be secure. Studs are not always in the most convenient location for hanging items, however. In cases like this, you need hollow wall anchors.


What Are They?

Hollow wall anchors are special anchors that you insert into the wall to create a stable hanging place. It tends to be more secure than your typical nail or screw. There are a variety of anchors to choose from, including:

  • Toggle
  • Drive
  • Slotted

These anchors often come in a variety of sizes and lengths. When purchasing, choose a style that is suitable for use with your type of wall and the item you wish to hang.


An Anchor Wherever You Need One

The best news of all is that hollow wall anchors can generally be used on any sort of wall. Concrete, drywall, hollow tile, plaster, and even plywood are all suitable for these types of anchors. The next time you are looking to hang a large picture, mirror, curtain rod, or even shelf onto your wall, try to find a stud. If the stud is in an inconvenient location, then you may need to get your hands on some of these anchors. Call (800) 603-6887 today for more information about hollow wall anchors available at Copper State.