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Bridge Washers

Bridge washers are most commonly seen in heavy timber and marine construction. Built to prevent bolts and nuts from tugging into the wood, they are essential for the creation of docks as well as other structures.

The Characteristics of the Washers

Also known as malleable cast iron washers, bridge washers are both flexible and durable. Malleable iron is often used for small castings due to the large amount of strength it exhibits. The material also has a high level of ductility, meaning it can be easily flexed without breaking. In addition to being used in washers, malleable iron is also contained in various machine parts, farming equipment, and mining hardware.

The Appearance of the Washers

The size of the washers can range from nearly half an inch to an inch, and they are equipped with notches that extend to their outer edges. The devices also have large bearing surfaces, which make them appropriate for a variety of commercial applications. The notches were initially used as a means of preventing the washers from turning against the wood, but this function is rarely utilized today.

For people that are constructing docks or other similar types of wood construction, bridge washers have the capability to strongly secure nuts and bolts. The material used to create them is powerful yet flexible, and their structure is able to prevent various devices from pulling into and harming the wood. Call (800) 603-6887 today to learn more about bridge washers available at Copper State.