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Types of Bolts

Bolts are one of the most essential pieces of hardware you can have on hand for jobs both large and small. Having a good assortment of different bolt types means that you are ready to meet a number of different challenges, whether you are a casual do-it-yourself handyman or a professional construction company. Below are some of the most common bolt types you are likely to encounter. Copper State offers these and other types of bolts at affordable prices.

Wood Bolt

A wood bolt is a common screw, the kind you most likely have in your toolbox already. It has a narrow shaft and a rounded or flat head with a slot cut into it for a screwdriver.

Dowel Bolt

A dowel bolt has a double head, which means that it can be screwed into a surface from either side. These are commonly seen in jobs like furniture or cabinet making where getting a sharp corner or flush fit between two loose pieces is important.

Eye Bolt

An eye bolt has a loop at the top instead of a screw or bolt head. It can be loosened or tightened by hand, simply by slipping a finger through the loop.

Hex Bolt

A hex bolt is similar to a wood bolt, though the shaft is usually thicker. The main difference is that it does not have a screwdriver slot in the head; instead, it is loosened or tightened using a wrench.

There are numerous other types of bolts you will probably come across, but these are likely to feature in most of the jobs that come your way. Call (800) 603-6887 today to learn more about the wide selection of bolts and nuts available at Copper State.