Types of Grinders and Their Uses

Mar 26,2014
The tools used in construction are essential for completing projects of all sizes. One group of tools that contractors use every day are grinders.
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What are U Bolts Used For?

Mar 19,2014
When you work on construction projects, you likely use a lot of interesting tools and supplies. However, even the homeowner who does very little home improvement around the house knows what to do with regular bolts.
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Finding the Right Nuts and Bolts Hardware for Your Job

Mar 12,2014
Whether it is a commercial project or a residential one, every construction job requires specific tools. Nuts and bolts are two items that are used in all kinds of projects.
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Guide to Buying Construction & Industrial Supplies Online

Mar 05,2014
The Internet makes access to all kinds of things a lot simpler. It’s not just clothing and toys that you can find online; contractors also have access to construction & industrial supplies that can easily be ordered over the Internet.
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The Different Types of Nuts Explained by Copper State

Feb 26,2014
A nut is the anchor used to hold screws and other fasteners in place. Nuts are identifiable by their threaded holes, meaning that the inside of the hole in the middle of the nut has a spiral groove pattern into which the matching groove on the shaft of a screw can fit.
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