Hand Tools That Every Construction Worker Needs

May 26,2014
Most construction professionals would agree that you could never have too many tools.
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The Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Fasteners

May 22,2014
Stainless steel fasteners are a smart choice for any indoor or outdoor construction project. Not only are they easily accessible and affordable, but they also offer many other benefits to any construction enthusiast.
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Types of Saws Available at Copper State

May 15,2014
In addition to providing the best fasteners and construction products in the business, Copper State offers a wide variety of saws available for purchase.
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When to Use Rods & Studs

May 06,2014
There are many uses for rods & studs as they are some of the most versatile building fasteners available.
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Hard Hats Are Essential for Construction Site Safety

May 01,2014
Along with safety vests, hard hats are one of the most critical pieces of equipment that construction workers can wear to keep themselves protected while on the job.
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