Nuts and Bolts for Various Projects

Jul 21,2014
One of the best ways to do this is by using the best nuts and bolts available to ensure the connection is as solid as possible.
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Stainless Steel Fasteners for Projects

Jul 18,2014
You may be familiar with all the benefits that come from choosing stainless steel fasteners for your projects, but you may not know exactly why stainless is so superior to other construction materials.
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Technical Information on Sockets

Jul 16,2014
When it comes to fasteners, sockets may be your best bet, depending on the type of project you’re doing.
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Fastener Kit Materials

Jul 15,2014
With fastener kits you can have total access to these tools and use them for various repairs or construction projects around your home.
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Types of Construction Washers

Jul 07,2014
In general, construction washers are used as a means of distributing the load of a screw or nut.
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