Jun 03, 2016

Work Smarter With Bolt Bins

On the job site specifications the right equipment are vital, from rebar to sheetrock to the smallest of bolts. When your supplies are organized, you'll never have to worry that a building component is incorrectly assembled or that unexpected rust, shear or other material concerns will affect your finished project. Bolt bins are an excellent way of keeping the smallest supplies properly divided, labeled, and ready for requisition at a glance.

Easy to Find

With bolt bins, you're able to quickly and easily find not only the original component needed for your work, but fast alternatives if something changes or needs better support. If you opt for a model with drawers or pull-out trays, the bins themselves can also be re-organized depending on need. If carriage bolts are necessary while a deck is going up, but lag screws are more important on the next phase simply swap their positions. Labels of any type can be used to differentiate styles, including removable/replaceable labels for maximum versatility of your bolt bin. 

Easy to Refill

Keeping packs and boxes of bolts, screws and nails around is asking for trouble, especially on a busy site. One accidental elbow-bump as a coworker is reaching for an extension cord, and all of your specialty bolts can become a jumbled mess. Using a bolt bin or several bins on-site ensures you have a safe, stable location for your materials. When a new order of bolts arrives, simply slot them out by size, width or other custom characteristic. This way, your entire team can find what they need right away. Your nuts, bolts, nails and more also stay organized from site to site, making them easy to store and reconfigure when a new project begins. If your supply truck or trailer moves frequently, consider picking up a portable hand-held bolt bin to keep additional supplies nearby while you're "on foot."

Consider bolt bins the dependable fastener that connects you, your project and success. With custom organization and high-quality bolts, fasteners and other components from Copper State, you'll always have exactly what you need to get the job done right. Call Copper State at (800) 603-6887 to find the bolt bins that are right for your construction needs.