May 03, 2016

Copper State Nut and Bolt Co. has specialized in offering the finest quality fasteners and related products since 1972. They offer zinc and stainless steel options that will accommodate all your current and ongoing projects.

With Copper State Nut and Bolt Co. you will always get the perfect tightening tension and never strip screws. Copper State offers a great selection of fasteners for your next project.

The Nuts and Bolts of Left Hand Hex Nuts

Left hand nuts are left hand threaded. This is opposite to standard nuts which use a right hand thread. Left-hand must be installed by turning them in a counterclockwise direction to tighten. 

Left hand nuts are used when the screw may be subject to a counterclockwise force or torque. In other words, if a right-hand threaded screw in that position would become unscrewed, you would need to use a left hand threaded nut and bolt. 

Use left hand hex nuts with any type of left hand threaded rod, bolt, or screw. Left hand nut size refers to its thread diameter. Two families of left hand hex nuts include hex and heavy hex:

  • Hex nut: for general purpose, sizes range from 1/4" to 2"
  • Heavy hex: offers strength from increased thread engagement, added thickness, extra-wide bearing surface

Large Selection at Copper State

Copper State Nut and Bolt Co. offers a large selection of left hand hex nuts.

Great Pricing on All Fasteners

They offer great prices on bulk orders. Copper State Nut and Bolt Co. has the most affordable supply of bolts and fasteners for all or your construction needs and supplies. 

You can conveniently place your order online and have supplies delivered directly to your business. Browse their extensive online inventory for all your construction needs. 

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