May 04, 2016

Finding the right fastener for the job isn’t always easy. For a maintenance technician or installation crew, it can mean the difference between getting the job completed on time or having to put everything on hold. Having an assortment of fasteners in stock can be key to getting each job done right. As with any repair or installation, having the right tools available on-hand is valuable and saves time. Regardless of the industry, downtime costs. Every minute that is spent with equipment not running is a company loosing money. Even new installations can come to a screeching halt if the right tools and supplies aren’t readily available or have to be ordered from a supplier.

For a simple solution, make certain that your supply inventories include an array of fastener kits. For new installs, it’s important for companies to include the right fasteners with each job. Having custom fastener kits on hand for easy distribution to installation crews makes jobs go faster, and helps cut down on confusion. For maintenance and repair crews, having an assortment of fastener kits in supply can help deter any downtown that may accompany a repair.

Depending on the industry, it’s always best to work with a supplier who can offer custom fastener kitting too. For special installations, having a fastener kit with each piece required leaves the guess work out of finding a fastener that fits perfect. Make certain that your supplier can custom label and has the ability to provide special sizes in both metric and standard specifications. Also, talk to your supplier about packaging options too. Having a well laid out supply room goes a long way for any manufacturing facility. Kits that come in storage bins or easy carrying cases that are well labeled make it easy for grabbing the right part no matter where the job may be located.

Category: Fasteners