May 23, 2016

The Benefits of Torque Washers

torque washer is a type of washer designed for use in a soft, penetrable material in which a bolt would probably not be able to stay fastened tightly inside. For instance, bolts can come loose in soft woods over time, especially if the surrounding environment is prone to cause significant warping, variable in temperature, or if the wood or bolt itself  carry a variable load. Torque washers are designed to combat bolts loosening over time in the following ways:

  • Four prongs that dig into the material, anchoring the bolt in place
  • Prongs increase the surface area contact between the mating surface, washer, and bolt
  • They are stamped from a single metal sheet to prevent breakage
  • Square holes that fit a carriage bolt's square shank

When Not to Use Torque Washers

Since they are ideal for uses when bolts need to not move around, you shouldn't use them when you need bolt rotation. They're also not appropriate in situations where a flat square or circular washer would do just as well, especially when working with harder materials that the prong would not be able to dig into. Not only would the washers' benefits be rendered moot, but they would be effectively useless as they would have far less surface area contact between the washer, bolt, and the mating surface.

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