Apr 04, 2016

Equipment and Tool Rental Helps You Save

Renting the equipment you need to tackle your next project may help you save money and time. When you own all of the equipment at every construction site, you bear all of the risks. Theft, wear and tear, obsolescence and other issues can make finishing on time and within budget a near impossibility. With a rental contract, you share a lot of the risk with you supplier. They take on some of the biggest expense lines associated with construction equipment. But Copperstate can help!

Outsourcing the Maintenance

When you use our tool rental service, you get rid of maintenance. If equipment breaks down, only call the rental company for replacements. There is no need to carry a warranty on tools or deal with service contracts. Renting equipment means fewer expense lines on your project budget and less administrative work. You don't need to schedule routine maintenance either. Instead, you can focus on the job at hand, secure in the knowledge that your tools will work flawlessly.

Avoiding Downtime and Logistical Issues

Construction tools take up a lot of space and cost a lot to ship. When you own your tools, you need to store them and make arrangements for them to get to the job site. With tool rental, you can order the tools you need, get everything delivered to the job site and return items when you are finished. No storage, no shipping and no headaches.

Cut Your Up Front Costs by Renting

You save money on warranties, storage, service contracts, and shipping, and you also save on the capital investment needed to buy tools. Setups you only need for one job or tools that need a lot of maintenance are excellent candidates for tool rental. Very expensive tools are another great option. With tool rental, you can get the right tools for the right job, without breaking the budget. You might also save a bit on your insurance since you won't have to carry specialty riders to cover your tools. Rental makes things quick, convenient and inexpensive. Consider Copperstate for your tool rental needs!