Apr 07, 2016

Nail & Wood Connectors

If you’re a contractor, retailer, wholesaler, or even a big company in need of high quality and durable construction materials, then you’ve come to the right place. At Copper State Bolt & Nut, we offer that and more all in one convenient location. If you’re looking for two or more items, you don’t have to go around looking for them in separate locations. Instead, find all you need at our company! Shopping for a variety of materials has never been so easy!

One such product we offer are nail & wood connectors. What happens if two large pieces of wood meet each other at a 90° angle? They need to be connected somehow in a way that will provide support for the structure as well as long lasting durability. This is what nail & wood connectors are for.

Galvanized Box Nails

The nails that we generally offer for instances like these are zinc coated thin box nails. These types of nails are meant to be used on thin, dry wood. Not only are these nails durable, but they’re very strong and recommended to use with wood connectors.

Couplers for Connectors

Every project is different which means that every wood connector is also going to be different. Paired with these nail and wood connectors are couplers that help keep everything in place so the structure is strong and reliable. When you add in couplers to your project, you’ll be amazed at how much stronger the house or building can be that you or your customers are working on. With our wide variety of couplers that we offer in our market, you’ll be able to get any job done quickly and efficiently!

Great Products for Every Budget

Do you want great products for your or your customers’ projects with affordable prices? Check out all the products we offer at Copper State to find out how you can benefit with your own business. You’ll be amazed at how our quality products can benefit you in everything from even the smallest details.

So what are you waiting for! When you can get all the products and supplies you need for construction all in one place, why not take advantage of this great opportunity? At Copper State, we have your needs in mind, so contact us today to learn how we can help you!