Mar 07, 2016

Copper State features Loctite products for all of your fastening needs, whether its construction, plumbing, maintenance or factory repairs. Sure, you've all heard of Loctite for keeping your nuts and bolts secure, but there are other Loctite products for different applications. Here's the rundown:

  • Loctite Threadlocker
    Certainly, virtually everyone is familiar with the original Locktite Thread Locker. A drop or two on threads, tighten down the bolt and it won't loosen up. But the original formula is only one of the Threadlocker family. There's a high strength version bottle and ampule for those hard to keep tightened applications. It also comes in an easy to apply stick. You can get Threadlocker in different colors, like blue and red. Truly, there's a Threadlocker made for virtually any application.
  • Hi-Temp Anti Seize
    If you want your nuts and bolts to tighten easily, Hi-Temp Anti Seize makes your job a lot easier. It effectively protects against high temperature seizing and galling when mating parts together.
  • Color Guard Coating
    When the original rubber grips on your tried and tested tools wear off, don't get new ones. Re-coat the handles with Loctite Color Guard Coating. Simple to use, just dip or brush the Color Guard onto your handle or handles, and let it dry. You'll have brand-new rubber grips in no time.
  • Loctite Primer N Threadlocker
    When you need to keep nuts and bolts secured in a high vibration setting, choose Loctite Primer N Threadlocker. It's ideal when the temperatures are below room temperature, fills gaps between threads, and works great on passive metals like aluminum, stainless steel and zinc, among others. Spray it on, tighten it down, and you are good to go.
  • PST Thread Sealant
    For all of your tapered pipe threads, use Loctite PST Pipe Thread Sealant. Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 400 degrees, it features excellent solvent resistance and is formulated for high-pressure applications.
  • Loctite RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant Cartridge
    For the best in silicone adhesives that work in any caulking gun, the RTV Silicone Sealant Cartridge has got you covered.

You'll find this complete line of Loctite products, and more, at Copper State Bolt and Nut Company. In business since 1972, with 21 branches and Internet sales to serve you!


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