Mar 11, 2016

Napoleon once said, "An army marches on its stomach", well, your construction crew marches on the knowledge they are being protected while on the job. If you are a foreman or in charge of a work crew, you know that your equipment and safety gear is a crucial part of keeping that army of yours marching to get the job done. Find the right hard hats and safety equipment with a few tips found here.

Where hard hats are concerned, you want to look for those that are ANSA and OSHA certified. Both organizations inspect and certify those hard hats they seem up to code and safety standards. When purchasing, look for those that have ANSI or OSHA stickers on the inside rim, or if buying online, be sure the hats have clearly stated ANSA and OSHA certifications on the requisites of the hats. Your crew will thank you (as well as your insurance company provider. Most insurers will require this for all workers and offer small discounts for those in adherence).

Online purchasing of hard hats and safety gear needs to be done by reading the product descriptions in full as there are many sights that sell cheap knock-offs made in overseas factories. Be sure yours, even if made in China or other countries, come with the USA OSHA and ANSI certifications.

Keep your own army marching happily and safely with the proper gear and hard hats. And after the work is done, perhaps take them out for a good pizza or dinner, because that army is hungry.

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