Mar 15, 2016

Anyone who works with their hands should have a set of power tools available at all times. Let's take a look at the most important power tools that will facilitate repair and improvement projects.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill will prove to be fundamentally important to your work. Can you imagine creating holes with the hand-bore method? It would take an hour to get one or two done. Pick up a cordless drill and you will be able to drill holes in a jiffy. A high-quality cordless drill will help you complete any type of drilling task, whether it is the creation of diminutive pilot holes or massive holes for electrical wiring.

Reciprocating Saw

Arm yourself with a reciprocating saw and you will have quite the powerful force at your disposal. This saw cuts through just about any type of metal or wood with ease. You can even use it to cut down a tree. It is the perfect power tool for projects that require demolishing or remodeling.

Oscillating Multi-Tool

An oscillating tool has a lengthy thin body along with a head that you can connect all sorts of attachments to. This is the ideal tool for wood cutting, sanding, grout removal, scraping, grinding and so on. Think of it as the surgical scalpel of power tools. It will help you get through small jobs in little time and it won't leave you with a cloud of dust.

Circular Saw

If you have to cut through sheet goods or 2x material, a circular saw will help. It cuts right through a stack of wood in as little as two minutes. There is no sense using a handsaw that will take half an hour to do the same amount of work.

Miter Saw

A miter saw will help you set up a crown molding. It will also ameliorate a wide range of other jobs like deck renovations, chair rails, and wall framing. Some miter saws are even built with laser marking systems that will help you attain the perfect cut on the first attempt.

Power Sander

If you have ever tried sanding by hand, you know how difficult it is. Speed up the process with a power sander. It will make your next refinishing project go by much quicker and easier as you won't have to exert a fraction of the physical effort that is required to sand by hand.

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