Feb 11, 2016

The tools of the trade are the last-mile between a worker's hand and the job being completed. If the tools are bad, there's a good chance that the final outcome of the work will be reflected in the craftsman's choice to not improve the quality of his tools. Copper State tool repair services are simply a no-brainer for contractors and workers who rely on their tools every day to get the work done right and to keep food on their family's table.

  • Copper State can service all major brands
    Whether you stick to Bosch, Hitachi, DeWalt, Milwaukee or any number of other brands, chances are that you can get your tool repair done by the Copper State team
  • Fast turnaround time
    You can't afford to take your tools out of the game for too long, so that is why the Copper State team is dedicated to the fastest possible turnaround time on any repair job
  • Drop-off & pick-up service
    When you start talking about a large quantity of tools, the space they take up and their weight become real considerations. Our team has the ability to assist in a convenient pick-up or drop-off service, depending on your location relative to other Copper State locations.

Golfers wouldn't hit the links without proper clubs, and a rock band wouldn't take to the stage with untuned and broken instruments. You can't afford to get on the job with tools that are sub-par. Rather than the committing the serious investment towards purchasing all-new tools, you can bring in Copper State for a tool repair service and accomplish a very similar effect at a fraction of the cost. Let our team help your team keep in the game and get the job done well and on time, with functioning tools.

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