Feb 05, 2016

If you work as a contractor for a living, you should have your own set of hand tools. The tools listed below will help you complete an array of jobs quickly, efficiently, and safely.


Keep a grinder in your truck or toolbox at all times. This essential metalworking tool ameliorates all sorts of projects. Perhaps you need to shape a tile or cut a counter top. The grinder will eliminate such excess metal with ease. It can also be used to sharpen other tools that have become dull over time.


Pick out a durable drill and you'll be armed with a tool that will help you complete all sorts of projects. Ideally, you'll have a cordless drill at your disposal as it is comparably versatile. Some drills even feature variable position clutches for jobs that require extreme precision. Be sure to have a variety of drill bits on hand as well.


If you are working on a job that requires a combination of a powerful force and finesse, the sledgehammer just might do the trick. Swing it from above for a quick and brutal destruction. Or handle it like you would a golf putter to preserve architectural elements like a barn frame that has to be knocked apart.


Every contractor should have a variety of saws. A compound miter saw will cut at exact angles with pinpoint precision. Use it for projects that require the cutting of wood frames, decks, etc. Its ability to cut at any angle will allow for a snug and level fit. Pick up a circular saw as well. It is specially designed to cut through solid materials with relative ease. Make sure the circular saw comes with a worm drive design to ensure a steady cut that doesn't lead to a slip or an uneven line.

Tape Measure

Every contractor should have a tape measure on hand at all times to measure anything from wood thickness to a ceiling's area for a paint project. Opt for a tape measure with a composite case for added durability.


Pick up a screwdriver set and you'll be able to tighten screws, open lids on paint cans, install light switches, and so much more. The set should contain all of the commonly used Phillips-head screwdrivers, slotted screwdrivers, and stubby versions of each for those extra tight spots.


Planers are finishing tools that eradicate uneven edges and undesired bumps.

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