Feb 02, 2016

If you are consistently on tough job sites with your crew and heavy-duty work is being handled, safety is always the highest priority. Due to this vital need for safety, choosing the best possible safety vest for your crew is essential to getting the job done right. A consideration of each of the following variables will land you and your team in safety vests that match the job at hand and that leave you equipped to do a superb job for the client, without putting any of your team members in harm's way.

  • Wear-Resistance
    This also boils down to cost and material type, but the job is going to dictate the type of durability and wear-proofing needed for a given safety vest choice. Less strenuous jobs are going to call for lighter-duty vests and vice-versa.
  • Day / Night Usage
    A vest intended to be worn during night work is going to have to include various reflective surfaces in order to comply with state safety regulations. A Standard Class 2 SV8 would be the suitable choice for a nighttime application. A two-tone vest might be used for daytime work conditions due to their enhanced noticeability.
  • Job Type
    The workers and the foremen on your job aren't likely to need the same safety vests. A Surveyor Class SV2 safety vest would make sense for the foremen, project managers and surveyors coming out to take measurements and use tools.

Once you get down to specifics, you find that quite a variety of safety vests are available on the market, and finding the right safety vest for your crew isn't exactly simple. However, if you consider the type of work at hand, and the legal requirements involved, Copper State will invariably have the safety vest for the job. Just browse our offering of safety vests to see which type matches the specific job and staffing needs at hand.

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