Feb 16, 2016

Copper State has a long and proud history of providing useful products and services to the railroad industry. Consider just a few of these important railroad parts offered as part of the Copper State product line.

  • Bolts: The attention to detail and focus on continuous improvement in the bolt-forging process at Copper State has determined their industry-leading level of customer satisfaction and sales volumes over the past three decades. Quality translates into market share, and more railways use Copper State bolts.
  • American made: In addition to Copper State bolts handling the highest stress and load situations and still maintaining durability and affordability, each component is born in the USA.
  • BNSF and UP Certified: Railway accidents since 1980 are down about 80% and safety regulations from agencies such as BNSF have a lot to do with that progress. Copper State imbues their parts with strength and durability to afford railways with added safety.
  • Commitment to LEAN: Our business is built around the success of our clients and partners. One of the Copper State commitments is to assist in reducing the overall spend of our clients on their railway bolts.
  • Selection: The Copper State product line is robust, containing over 100,000 various components, assuring an exact fit for whatever application needed.

Railroads are only as solid as the fasteners used in their construction. The railroad parts made by Copper State have been used in real-life railway application since 1972 and suppliers keep coming back. Contact the Copper State team today and discuss how their bolts can be applied to the railway you have to build or repair.

Category: Railroad Parts