Feb 18, 2016

Once you have decided what kind of cutting tools you will need for a project, visit Copper State Bolt & Nut Company to purchase items to finish your job. They offer a wide variety of cutting tools including cutters, burrs, chisels, countersinks, drill/tap combos, mills, screw extractors, hole cutters, roundover bits, and much more. Each of these categories of cutting tools help perform a different job or series of jobs.

  • Annular cutters work like drill bits, but are used to cut through metals at different angles
  • Bolt cutters help you cut through metal items like chains, bolts, padlocks, and wire mesh
  • Burrs, or rotary files as they're sometimes called, cut straight lines
  • Chisels are hand tools that are used to carve or cut hard materials like wood, stone, or metal
  • Countersinks drill a conical hole into material so that a bolt or screw will sit flush in the object
  • Drill/tap combos will drill and thread a hole through material at the same time
  • Mills are cutting bits that are attached to remove material within a machine
  • Screw extractors are cutting bits that remove a screw that may be stripped, rusted, or painted over
  • Hole cutters are ring-shaped saws that are attached to a drill and are used for drilling a hole in your material
  • Roundover bits are used to give a smooth and soft look to the edge of a project. Rounding the edge prevents splintering and helps keep the finish longer. Rounding the edge protects people or objects that might come into contact with it

As you review the function of each cutting tool, keep in mind that you are doing business with a privately held company in business for 44 years when you buy from Copper State Bolt & Nut Co. They are dedicated to customer service, providing quality products, and constantly improving in all areas. Their website includes a reference materials section to help you with your tool and project needs.