Jan 19, 2016

Copper State is the top source for your lock nut and bridge washer needs. Their selection of lock nuts includes all metal, nylon insert and exterior tooth designs for all different types of construction projects. In addition, they have a variety of washers to ensure that your construction materials remain safe from over-tightening and damage.

Lock Nuts

Lock nuts are designed to prevent loosening of the bolt in areas with heavy vibration and movement. There are a number of different locking mechanisms, but typically they work by slightly distorting their inside shape so that the movement will not cause the nut to back off of the bolt. Nylon insert and all metal lock nuts have a slightly malleable inner surface to accomplish this task. Other designs come with a built-in washer with tiny teeth to keep it in place. Depending on your task, you will want to find the correct type of lock nut to stand up to the movement and vibrations you are expecting to maintain safety.

Bridge Washers

One problem with nuts and bolts is that people tend to over-tighten the nuts to ensure that they won't come undone. Unfortunately, if your construction materials are soft, this may cause the nut to cut into the material or deform it. Plus sockets can leave a ring around the bolt head and the nut where they have been applied under pressure. To prevent damage to your building materials, use a bridge washer under the nut. These washers come in all different sizes and materials, and ultimately help to keep your nuts and bolts from damaging the integrity of your materials.

Copper State offers bulk discounts on their huge selection of bridge washers and lock nuts so you'll be sure to have all the materials you need to get the job done. You can browse their online inventory or stop by one of their stores to find the perfect match to the hardware you are already using.

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