Apr 02, 2014

In construction, there are a lot of different materials that you need to get the job done. When you want to attach something to concrete, for instance, a simple nut and bolt that would work just fine for wood might not work as well on cement. For these, you need construction anchors to help hold fasteners in place. Below are a variety of different kinds of anchors that you are likely to run into on the job:

  • Drop-in Anchor 
    This is a female anchor designed for light, medium, and heavy-duty types of fasteners. You simply install it by dropping it in the hole and using a setting tool to expand it. It is only used in concrete.
  • Wedge Anchor 
    This is also only for concrete and can hold fasteners that are light, medium, or heavy-duty.
  • Tapcon
    This anchor can be used in concrete, brick, or block and can be up to half a foot long. You can also find it as a flat head or hex head, depending on your needs.
  • Sleeve Anchor
    Also for block, brick, or concrete, the sleeve anchor is available in a round head, hex head, or flat head option.
  • Strike Anchor
    This expands when you strike the nail on the head into it. It’s available as a light, medium, or heavy-duty anchor and is only for use with concrete.
  • Machine Screw Anchor
    This is another female anchor that is designed to be flush with the concrete, though it can also be used on block or brick. These anchors have machine screw threads on the inside as well.
  • Double or Single Expansion Anchor
    The double expansion anchor expands at two different points while the single expands only at one point. These are only for light to medium jobs and will sit flush with your block, brick, or concrete base.

These are just a few of the different types of anchors that you are likely to encounter in construction. Make sure to choose the right kind of anchor bolts for your material and fastening power that you need. Call (800) 603-6887 now to learn more about the different types of anchors available at Copper State.