Apr 09, 2014

Whether or not you realize it, fasteners are an extremely important part of all of the construction you see around you. If you are in any type of building, the chances are quite high that fasteners were used to help keep parts of that building together. There are many different types of fastener kits and assortments that are available for all kinds of projects. Using a fastener is pretty simple; you just need to follow these steps:

Match the Fastener to Your Material

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your fastener is suitable for the material with which you are working. Nails are great for wood, but you might need something a little bit stronger for sheet metal. For harder materials like brick, block, and concrete, you may need to have an anchor before you can use your fastener. Understand what material you are working with and what type of fastener you need to complete your job.

Create a Hole for Your Anchor or Fastener, If Needed

For harder materials like concrete, you will need to drill a hole in the material first. This creates a space for you to place your anchors or fasteners. While some fastener assortments—like screws—do not necessarily require a hole to be made beforehand, this is also a great way for you to mark ahead of time where your materials are supposed to go.

Install the Anchor or Fastener

If you are using a kit to help speed up the process, it may come with an expansion tool to help you lock your anchor or fastener in place. Simply install the fastener as instructed, using the expansion tool for hard materials like concrete, brick, and block.

Test It

Be sure to test out your fastener to make sure that it is secure and will hold the force it needs to hold.

Using fasteners and kits is a very simple process. Just follow the instructions above, or those that came with your kit to get your fastener in place. Remember to select the right kind of fastener for the material that you are working with and to test it before moving on to your next project. Call (800) 603-6887 now for information and pricing on the wide selection of fasteners available at Copper State.

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