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Safety Vests for Construction

Safety vests are familiar sights for many people. Construction workers are required to wear them as a means of protection from passing cars as well as poor weather conditions. There are several features exhibited by the vests that allow people to work in a secure environment, and these garments are essential for any construction project.

The Basic Features of a Safety Vest

Most vests are designed in the same manner, and nearly every type is equipped with identical features:

  • Orange color to allow for greater visibility
  • Light reflecting strips
  • A layer of mesh for protection against poor weather

These characteristics are essential for ensuring that workers are protected, and none of them should be taken for granted.

The Importance of the Features

When workers are in close proximity to the road, there needs to be a way for passing drivers to clearly see them. A person who is distracted may not be able to observe a nearby worker, and this could lead to a car accident. In addition, the mesh found within safety vests is important as well. It allows the garments to breathe more easily and protects a person's skin by keeping excess rainwater from collecting.

For people working in construction, safety vests may be the most important devices that they use. They make the workers more visible to drivers and succeed in fostering a more secure working environment. Call (800) 603-6887 today to learn more about safety vests available at Copper State.